Northampton KSK Aikido
Ian Geddes: 07970 894305

Our Club

Welcome to Northampton's premier Aikido club.

Northampton KSK Aikido Club is a part of the Kai Shin Kai Traditional Aikido Association (KSK), which is a founder member of the Aikido Alliance UK.

The Northampton KSK Aikido Club was formed by Mark Goff and Ian Geddes in 1994.

The original intention was to run a club for juniors but soon the Club expanded to include older teenagers and adults.

The current membership is of both sexes with an age range of 10 to 65+

The Club is run on a non-profit basis and meets on Wednesday nights at The Abbey Centre, Overslade Close (off Clannell Road), East Hunsbury, Northampton. NN4 0RZ

Contact Ian Geddes 07970 894305 for answers to things that you can't find here on this website.

Don't worry if you haven't the correct clothing, just wear loose clothing with a bit of 'give', with no buttons or zips as they may dig into you. The club can obtain a gi for you.

Jewellery should be left at home, since the club cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to guests' property.

We are a hospitable bunch so please feel very welcome to get in touch or come along to have a look.

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