Northampton KSK Aikido
Ian Geddes: 07970 894305

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Northampton's premier Aikido club.

Do you need to be very fit to practise Aikido?
The idea is not to use strength so muscles and stamina aren't really needed.

Can I just come along and train?
It's best to contact us first in case an instructor is on holiday or if there is a grading etc.

Which style of Aikido do you practise - traditional or sport?
Northampton Club is traditional.

What do I wear when I start?
Loose clothing - jogging pants and t-shirt.

Does the club purchase or provide gi's?
The club can provide you with clothing at a very reasonable cost.

Do I pay monthly or weekly?
Lessons are paid weekly on day you attend.

Are your instructors registered and qualified?
All instructors are qualified and registered with the British Aikido Board.

Do many people get injured in Aikido?
Aikido has the lowest percentage ( 1% ) of injuries compared with other martial arts.

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